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Official member CZOfficial member CZ Dear naturists, naturism friends,

welcome to our website. Although the major part targets Czech audience, we still have some English stuff for you to read. Especially if you're looking for information about FKK oportunities in the Czech republic, both past reports and upcoming events, both outdoor beaches and indoor parties, this is definitely the right source for you (even if you need to try the Google translator on some entries, due to our limited translation resources – sorry about that!).

300 FKK PLACES in EUROPE DOWNLOAD HERE (NAVI TOMTOM, GARMIN, Google Earth, GeoSat, SmartCom, Automap, CVS etc). Monthly updated! (20. 6. 2013) CZ, SK, HU, HR, GR, IT, FR… more coming soon :-)

Our team constantly provides various naturist events, indoor and outdoor, all of which are listed in the calendar block on the right. The greatest are the regular parties we hold in the biggest aquapark in the country, the Aquapalace Prague (usually 5 times a year), and in Babylon aquapark in Liberec (monthly). These include (apart from full services of the hosting facility, all FKK) contests for children and adults alike, body-painting, various sports, music and fun, or sometimes a Miss election, and more.

All these activities are done by volunteers, but still, there are expenses we must pay for. A great way to support this activity, and to ensure that our events continue in the future with full force (or even better), is a membership in our non-profit club. The fee is going to be used for operation and improvement of this website and our naturist events, and also includes access to more pictures on the website (on selected pages). (The membership also includes INF-FNI stamp, but that only applies in the area of the Czech republic.) You can register here. (contact)

Our NATURIST EVENTS in largest aquapark in Central Europe – AQUAPALACE PRAGUE (Terms 2015: 17. 1., 21. 3., 16. 5.):

All available English texts of are collected below:

Nudisti/naturisti SK/CZ

Vložil Lukáš M., 16. Červenec 2024 - 9:20

Na Facebooku som založil novú skupinu o nudizme a naturizme na SK/CZ…80105098935/ keďže mi už viac ľudí odporúčalo to urobiť.


VRITOMARTIS - Crete - feel free!

Vložil Anonymní, 23. Březen 2014 - 22:21
Vritomartis naturist resort is located in Sfakia region, near the village of Sfakia, on the South coast of Crete. It combines modern facilities with a touch of traditional Cretan style, incorporating comfort, style, elegance, and simplicity with its great indoor and outdoor facilities. The resort is licensed under the International Naturist Federation guidelines and none of its indoor areas within the hotel is naturist. On the other hand, all the outdoor areas are naturist relaxation grounds from sunrise to sunset. Moreover, naturism is required on the beach and by the pool.


Vložil Anonymní, 17. Březen 2011 - 8:38

On this Friday, the 5th of November 2010, more than 260 people met in the Youth Hostel in Zurich for this competition the federations are always waiting for. Becauset here were not enough rooms available here, several people had to be lodged in a nearby hotel.

In all, there were 180 swimmers and 80 accompanists present, organizers not included. It’s been a long time since we were so numerous, maybe it’s due to the centrallocation of this city within Europe?


The greatest Czech nude-photo of the year

Vložil JirkaRybka, 17. Srpen 2007 - 22:20
On Sunday, August 5th of 2007, an old fort of Křelov near Olomouc city hosted the greatest nude photo of the Czech Republic. The aim of the event was to take a nude-art photograph of the biggest possible number of models, setting a new Czech record, and give the resulting picture to an auction for charity funding. The artist, a well known Czech nude-art photographer Jan Saudek, finally took the picture with 218 volunteer-models, most of them being naturists and like-minded people from both the Czech Republic and abroad. The following text is a translation of my own report in Czech, describing the event from a nude-model's perspective.

The first English summary of Naturista - December 9, 2006

Vložil JirkaRybka, 9. Prosinec 2006 - 2:31

Along with many new features, set up a new English-section lately. Although the almost-whole website is in Czech, the aim is to help also the visitors who are not familiar with our language, by releasing more-or-less regular English summaries of the past content. Today, I decided to create the first one, as to get the tradition going.


Info about Nude-Pool in Prague

Vložil JirkaRybka, 14. Listopad 2006 - 22:12
The Prague's indoor nude-swimming is now provided by Sokol Královské Vinohrady. The previous volunteer-organized swims are therefore cancelled, but we still keep a kind of English FAQ on our old official website. Feel free to join us in the pool.
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