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Vložil Anonymní, 17. Březen 2011 - 7:38

On this Friday, the 5th of November 2010, more than 260 people met in the Youth Hostel in Zurich for this competition the federations are always waiting for. Becauset here were not enough rooms available here, several people had to be lodged in a nearby hotel.

In all, there were 180 swimmers and 80 accompanists present, organizers not included. It’s been a long time since we were so numerous, maybe it’s due to the centrallocation of this city within Europe?

In this group, there were about 30 Spaniards, 30 Frenchmen, 20 Italians, 50 Germans, 20 Dutch, 2 Belgians, 8 Swiss and 1 Swede present. A fine selection of naturist people; they were mentioned on the first page of the Swiss newspaper “Züricher Tagesanzeiger”.

Like always, there were many medals during the whole Saturday, because thismeeting has such a stressed rhythm to handle hundreds of swimming contests between 10 and 17 hours.

Fortunately, the amount of swimmers is self limited; otherwise we should plan 2 or 3 days to carry out such an event. During the whole Gala evening, the organizers were thanked very much with applause and gifts from the represented federations. Tony, the photographer on duty, has immortalized these unforgettable Gala evening moments on a CD and handed one over to each responsible for free. Great Thanks also to the Swiss Federation, to Edith as president and Bernadette as secretary, who almost quartered themselves to insure that everything could go well.

Thanks are entitled likewise to those who prepared the meals as well as those who embellished and shielded the swimming pool, those who waited for us at the railway station, the timekeepers, the pool attendants, the whole Swiss crew and all the participants, accompanists or swimmers.

For 2011, we are expecting several candidatures, the selection will be difficult and you will see the name of the selected candidate on the homepage: INF-FNI andyou will also be informed by EuNatCom.
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