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*map A map of the Czech Republic showing sites, where swiming and sunbathing without clothes is practised. All N-localities should have a brief description, detailed plan, illustrative photos, and a link to a map service.
Somewhere there is more information, somewhere less, depending on how much information you, users of this page, have provided me with.
* The base is the situation as it was in the Summer of 1998. However, updating the pages permanently (With a little help from (you) my friends ...) hopefully keeps the content accurate.

* This list is a result of collecting information from various sources. Some official, some from friends, etc. but mainly from your contributions. Nevertheless, this list is not definitive - naturism is practised at many other secluded spots. On the other hand some N-localities die out. What is your experience?  na-nu at post.cz.

* Naturist camps are stil rare in the Czech Republic: Plzen Bory, Racov, Klokocov, Horni Brusnice, Machovo jezero - Pod Bornym, Melice, Antoaovice (not a true camp), At least partially operate as naturist following camps: Doubi(one week a year), Darko(???), Stribro(???), Citov (wild nature, not a true camp)

* Unless stated otherwise the beaches below are tolerated and not 'official' - therefore, go nude with discretion and at your own risk.

* On beaches marked clothing optional, follow local habits (such as stay in the proper area, etc.).

* Please Note: Naturist use of these beaches depends upon toleration and goodwill of the owners of the places. Your behavior and attitude may have an effect on their continuing availability.

* The quality of water is usually very good where there is sand on the bottom. Elsewhere it may vary depending on weather and other factors.

* On this page you will not find information about N-events, N-swimming in roofed pools, foreign N-pages. For this information go to N - HEADQUARTERS.


* More detailed information on each locality (name, nearest municipality, water type, water area, beach length, possibly a large scale plan, ...) can be obtained by clicking the blue mark on the map.

* To return from the 'plan' or 'view' use your browser's Back button.

* In case your browser can read Czech symbols (l,a,#,#,#,#) correctly, switch to English version with diacritical marks to see correct spelling of Czech local names.

* On-line interactive maps of the Czech Republic with geographic names searching and route searching capability can be helpful to find a place of your choice:

(In Czech menu: [Search] = [Hledej])

* Current temperatures, clouds and ozone over Europe, and clouds over the Czech Republic

Boris Tichy * I wish you to use information of these pages on your trips throughout the Czech Republic for convenient bathing without the purposeless pieces of textile, and then to write me about your new findings.
Of course, my greatest wish would be that these pages were no more necessary. All beaches would be naturist or at least clothing optional. But this is only a dream. Why so many people insist on swimsuits? Textile and fashion industry needs to use all ways to sell more products. Adverts force simple minded majority to buy new, fashionable swimsuits, new for every season,...Business is business!
On the other hand, our ally might be companies producing tan-lotions. We need more of these then textiles :-))

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