Přirozená radost ze života


Weekly indoor-swimming for naturists

The swims previously organized by volunteers (located at Praha 6 – Suchdol) are currently terminated. We invite you instead to similar swims at Sokol Královské Vinohrady, Polská 2400/1, Praha 2 (inside the „Riegrovy sady“ park), on Tuesdays from 7:45pm.

The year 2011 came with an important change – after many years of volunteer-organized swims, the FKK indoor swimming finally found its place in regular timetable of a public pool. There's no point in running two nude swims in the same city, considering that our volunteer-based swims didn't have very high attendance lately, so we're passing the activity on to the new pool without regrets. We're still going to attend these swims, prepare some fun/events perhaps (we'll see), and we invite everyone to swith from Suchdol to Vinohrady too.

Up-to-date information about times, prices etc. may be found on the website of Sokol (the organization running the pool).

F. A. Q.

When, where? This year (2013–2014), the swims are provided by Sokol Královské Vinohrady (Polská street, a building inside a park up behind the main railway station), on Tuesdays from 7:45pm. Exact location on a map.

How to get there? By tram lines 11 (to the stop „Vinohradská tržnice“) or 10, 16 (to the stop „Šumavská“, 5 min. walk), or directly from metro stations „Náměstí Míru“ (green line „A“) or „Muzeum“ (red line „C“) with some 10–15 minutes walk. It's not a very good idea to go by car (i.e. driving) due to great difficulties with parking in the area, and complicated way through one-way roads.

About the pool: Swimming pool 25m, 5 swimming lanes, 1.2–2.5m deep.

Which kind of people is coming? Couples, singles, old, young, boys, girls, women, men, families with children, anyone in the age between 0 and 100 :-) Both regulars and new faces.

Afraid of weird people? No problem! Never seen any inside the pool… There's also no problem with any unwanted observers from the outside – no windows at all. ;-)

Atmosphere? Somebody swimming, somebody playing with a ball, people are talking about all the things they're interested in… Just like any other pool, but more friendly :-)

I'm single – may I still join you? That's sure! This is a normal pool open for public, just with the clothes-free rule. Most of regular visitors know each other, but still they like to meet new friends. Swimming alone is also quite normal, nobody will notice. The naturists are fine people.

Do I need a membership, an INF card etc.? There's no membership, no registration, no INF requirement etc. The swims are open to everyone with a decent behavior.

Taking photos? Some naturists quite don't like the sight of a camera „watching“, so we don't bring any cameras to the pool. If you're still going to bring a camera for whatever reason, you're definitely required to discuss the matter and motivation at the entrance. Still, you always need to ask all the people for permission before doing any photos.

Anything else to be aware of? Excluding our time, the pool is completely textile, so we have to respect the cloakroom-assignment (men/ladies), and avoid entering the pool room before or after our swimming-hour.