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VRITOMARTIS - Crete - feel free!

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Vritomartis naturist resort is located in Sfakia region, near the village of Sfakia, on the South coast of Crete. It combines modern facilities with a touch of traditional Cretan style, incorporating comfort, style, elegance, and simplicity with its great indoor and outdoor facilities. The resort is licensed under the International Naturist Federation guidelines and none of its indoor areas within the hotel is naturist. On the other hand, all the outdoor areas are naturist relaxation grounds from sunrise to sunset. Moreover, naturism is required on the beach and by the pool.

The hotel has 180 beds in 85 appointed rooms, out of these, 42 are located on two floors in the hotel’s main building, while 43 in 9 bungalows. All its rooms have a telephone, a radio, and working air conditioning. All bathrooms in all rooms are renovated to make the place more habitable for guests. Vritomartis outer space has been enriched with more green providing a more naturistic environment to the visitors. They will be open from April 18th till October 25th 2014. 

History of the hotel
Until the late 80’s, there was only one naturist resort in Crete. Despite having all it takes to become a naturist resort – a rugged coastline, fiercely guarded privacy, undiscovered bays, and plenty of sunshine, Vritomartis was not a naturists’ from the beginning. A local family, Family Douroudakis, with several years of experience providing great value food and accommodation for customers, coupled with a rare “touch of excellence” customer service, built Vritomartis in 1989. Initially, it started as a normal hotel, providing food and accommodation for customers and guests seeking special “sunshine holiday” in a comfortable and private environment. 

In its second year of operations, one guest, a committed naturist, gave the idea of a naturist resort. According to the guest, Vritomartis would make such a wonderful naturist hotel. The family was challenged by this interesting thought and as a result, it prompted them to consider the potential of this business venture. After careful planning and adequate research and consultation, the final decision to turn the premises into a clothes optional resort and naturist hotel was made in 1992. That is how this naturist resort was born and the Family Douroudakis never looked back – a decision they are very proud of.

Activities and excursions
Most people spending their holiday in a naturist holiday usually do so because of the relaxation such a location offers. Vritomartis has realized this and in turn created a nudist resort for guests to spend quality time in calm relaxation. At Vritomartis naturist resort, you will find a number of activities such as an aqua gym, garden games such as volleyball and table tennis for energetic guests, and massage facilities offered by a professional masseuse. 

Other fun activities the hotel offers include traditional dance nights hosted by the hotel. Local musicians and dancers entertain guests at this clothes-optional resort. Excursions include Filaki Beach where guests can explore the caves by canoe. There are also boat trips to the island of Gavdos and walking tours to Samaria Gorge, Imbros Gorge, and Aradena Gorge. Other excursions include a trip to a winery, fishing cruise, dinner in Loutro, among others.
Vritomartis Excursions

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